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Valiant class escort

The design was modified just prior to installation in order to have regenerative features and to increase effectiveness against both high energy tractor beams and phased anti-muon (polaron) particles, measures clearly aimed at the.
Get more information, dismiss, you're using an unsupported web browser.At the escort mk3 rieger head of the room were three open slots that served as dispensers for the replicators.This can be done through the numerous armor plating emitters that are installed at different points on the ship's hulls.Some features may not work correctly.Capable of taking high resolution scans of both natural and artificial phenomena, this station played a vital role during reconnaissance missions.Crew complement: 50, aft view, master systems display, the.To further complement these ships was the use of new technology that was standard across the entire ship line.Designation Edit Initial drawings described the class as the Valiant -class.The ships computer systems can simultaneously bring online 1 Emergency Command Holograms (ECH 1 Emergency Security and Tactical holograms (esth 1 Emergency Engineering Holograms (EEH and 1 Emergency Medical Holograms (EMH).( DS9 : " The Search, Part I " Rejoined " To the Death " Starship Down " The Sound of Her Voice Deck 2 : lower main engineering, main impulse engines, computer core, targeting sensors, mess hall, warp coils, sickbay, medical and science laboratory.The ship would be unable to travel at high warp speeds without the missile since the latter contained the ship's navigational deflector.Another Defiant -class ship, the USS Sao Paulo, was then assigned to Deep Space.80) A CGI Defiant was also used in DS9's title sequence.These design flaws, combined with the decreased urgency of the Borg threat, led Starfleet to abandon the project and place the prototype in mothballs.The crews of these ships were also known to have been highly trained and made use of shuttles to board an enemy vessel and sabotage it, or were capable of deploying teams to gather intelligence about the enemy.( DS9 : " Past Tense, Part I " The Die is Cast " The Way of the Warrior Ships commissioned Edit Named Unnamed Mirror universe Appendices Edit Appearances Edit Background information Edit Design Edit Defiant -class concept art In the final draft script for.
Further verified after the Federation's devastating defeat in the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2366 losing 39 ships and 11,000 personnel to just a single Borg vessel.
Diplomacy is for the politicians." ( ST website : Ships of the Line ) Appendices Edit Connections Edit External links Edit.

Under normal operation, the shield modulation frequencies are controlled by the ship's computer system, which continually evaluates incoming weapons fire and automatically re-modulates the shields to provide the most effective possible defense.If you have a suggestion of something you would like to see, leave a comment below!7 Bruce Branit also once referred to the class as "the Valiant -class." ( Cinefantastique, Vol.( DS9 : " The Search, Part I " Call to Arms VOY : " Message in a Bottle Contents show The Defiant -class starship was a heavily-armed, limited-role Starfleet vessel, a warship, the first Starfleet ever truly designed.Apocrypha Edit The Defiant -class in Star Trek: Legacy During the mission "Ambush" in the game Star Trek: Legacy, the USS Defiant was sent to the Etarian Nebula for a test flight of its systems, where the crew found that the Romulans had invaded the.In both Star Trek: Armada and Star Trek: Armada II the ship, in particular the Avenger, carries antimatter mines.In the Abraxis Command in the Gamma Quadrant, two serve the Dauntless -class Command Battleship USS Dauntless and support the Defiant -class Tactical Frigate USS Lionheart.Moore was highly pleased with the addition of the new sets.