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Wanneer u een full membership aangaat bij, dan kunt u natuurlijk ook direct persoonlijke berichten sturen.In én oogopslag zie je de profielfoto, naam, leeftijd, woonplaats en enkele fotos van interesses van die jongen of meisje.De Nederlandse versie blijft wel bestaan.Over een maand (half oktober) zal..
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Sto mirror advanced escort

sto mirror advanced escort

( ENT episode : " Cease Fire In December 2153 and February 2154, the Kumari assisted Enterprise during the Xindi crisis.
( STO missions : " Coliseum " Cold Storage " Boldly They Rode Early service Edit The Kumari -class replaced an older type of battlecruiser, which remained in service for colony defense.
The officer's stations were visible to the commander.The commanding officer sat in a command chair.These classes were launched in 2409 and included a more powerful Kumari -class escort, and two subclasses, Charal and Khyzon.Other ships, like the Kumari, were loyal to General Thy'lek Shran, who sided with the Empire after the USS Defiant had been acquired by the Terrans.Shuttle- and cargo bays were placed on the central hull.During the Federation-Klingon War of, the Andorian Empire supplied Starfleet with three escort classes, based on a heavily redesigned Kumari -class.The standard weapon equipment was phaser -based but modified by the Andorians.( ENT episodes : " Proving Ground " Zero Hour Kumari -class starships were part of the Imperial Guard fleet participating in the Battle of Andoria against invading Vulcans.( STO mission : " Welcome to Earth Spacedock Contents show Specifications Edit Battlecruiser Edit Telev's battlecruiser The Kumari -class battlecruiser was 360 meters long and had a standard crew complement.For other uses, see, kumari.

In 2163, a task force led by the USS Vinakthen and the Malurian starship Rivgor included several Federation battlecruisers.( ST reference : The Official Starships Collection ) The ship was named for the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria.( ENT episode : " In a Mirror, Darkly Andorian, Vulcan and Tellarite ships formed the bulk of the rebel fleet.Because the empire was on the brink of war with the Tellarites and Vulcans, the battlecruiser was designed for war as part of a strategy of deterrence.The Kumari -class escort and the two related designs, Charal and Khyzon, were offered to Starfleet to help defend the Federation.( ST reference : The Official Starships Collection ) This brugge prive ontvangst efficient bridge design was mirrored in new designs after the founding of Federation Starfleet.( STO mission : " Welcome to Earth Spacedock Following the severe attack on Earth Spacedock by the Undine in early 2410, the IGV Kyzon was stationed at Earth.These escorts were tier 5 starships and a match for most opponents, including some dreadnoughts.( ENT - Rise of the Federation novel : A Choice of Futures ) Andorian technology was partially based on Vulcan technology.Andorian Imperial Guard service in the 22nd century.The Kumari -class was technologically advanced and a match for a Vulcan D'Kyr -class warship.
Ships of the class carried the prefix,.G.S.
Kumari -line escorts could carry any Federation shuttlecraft and were equipped with escape pods.