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Musik horen conjugation

musik horen conjugation

You have to use it in some contexts when you wish to underline that you actively listen to something or someone.
You will see this in the following.
When you wish to make clear that you cannot simply hear somebody but that you are actively listening to that person, you have to use the verb zuhören instead of hören.Franka will quit smoking.Ich höre dir.(ich zuhören; you dir).Singular Plural 1st person ich hatte (zu-)gehört wir hatten gehört 2nd person du hattest gehört informal Sie hatten gehört formal ihr hattet gehört informal Sie hatten gehört formal 3rd person er/sie/es hatte gehört sie hatten gehört.She had listened to music.(wir mit der Arbeit aufhören;.m.Franka will have quitted smoking.I give you some English sentences, which you have to translate into German.(sie Album anhören Lieblingsband; their ihrer).Singular Plural 1st person ich hörte (zu; ab; an; auf) wir hörten 2nd person du hörtest informal Sie hörten formal ihr hörtet informal Sie hörten formal 3rd person er/sie/es hörte sie hörten.When you would like to use any snail can change sex of the compound verbs from above, you simply have to add the specific morpheme (which is usually also a preposition in German: zu to; an at; ab from; auf on) to the end of the sentence.

We will listen to the radio.I listened to the new album of my favorite band.Franka hörte mit dem Lesen auf.We will always listen to you.Further compound verbs with -hören are: anhören to hear.; to consult.Plural 1 Person, i have set to music we have set to music 2 Person you have set to music you have set to music 3 Person he/she/it has set to music they have set to music, present Continuous, i am setting to music you.Abhören to sound; to intercept; to eavesdrop; to test.

(du/Sie/ihr Musik hören).
(wir Musik hören).