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8 B-24s stage through Eniwetok Atoll, strike Rota Island, Marianas Islands, and rearm at Los Negros Island.
22 B-24s are dispatched on carpetbagger operations.Mission 361: 438 bombers and 568 fighters are dispatched on PFF attacks to targets beste gratis datingsite tros radar in Germany and France; 5 bombers and 7 fighters are lost:.Wednesday, merican theater OF operations alaska (Eleventh Air Force 2 bombers fly weather and photo reconnaissance over Shimushu Island and bomb the Matsuwa Island area.320 B-17s are dispatched to Nancy/Essey Airfield (75 bomb) and marshalling werken als escorte yards at Metz (69 bomb Saarguemines (36 bomb) and Blainville (36 bomb 56 B-17s hit Thionville marshalling yard and 3 bomb Liege Airfield, Belgium; 14 B-17s are damaged.103 B-24s bomb Montignies sur Sambre marshalling yard and 9 bomb Alos marshalling yard; 3 B-24s are damaged.Mediterranean theater OF operations (MTO) strategic operations (Fifteenth Air Force 2d Fighter Squadron, 52d Fighter Group, moves from sex advertenties enschede Corsica to Madna Airfield, Italy with P-51s.425 Ninth Air Force aircraft also support the mission; they claim 4-0-0 with the lost.122 of 126 B-17s hit French marshalling yards; 62 hit Reims and 60 hit Troyes; 24 B-17s are damaged.295 B-17s are dispatched to Brux, Czechoslovakia (140 bomb) and Zwickau (74 bomb 11 hit Chemnitz, 14 hit Gera marshalling yard, 15 hit Hof and 4 hit targets of opportunity; 41 B-17s are lost, 1 is damaged beyond repair and 162 damaged; 3 airmen are.

Tuesday, china-burma-india (CBI) theater OF operations burma-india (Tenth Air Force In Burma, 12 P-38s bomb Tiddim road; 12 B-24s bomb the Indaw marshalling yard and Homalin; 16 P-38s attack Kangaung Airfield; and 23 P-40s and 4 A-36s bomb gun positions, troops and supply dumps.22 B-24s are dispatched on carpetbagger missions; 1 is lost.Strategic operations (Eighth Air Force Mission 380: 928 bombers and 672 fighters in 6 forces are dispatched to hit aircraft industry targets in Germany and marshalling yards in France and Belgium; they claim 65-8-6 Luftwaffe aircraft; 12 bombers and 9 fighters are lost:.China-burma-india (CBI) theater OF operations burma-india (Tenth Air Force In Burma, A-36s, P-40s, P-51s and a few B-25s fly 140 attack sorties against various targets in the Mogaung Valley, concentrating on gun positions in the Myitkyina area; 8 B-25s damage railroad tracks in the Myingatha-Saye.Mediterranean theater OF operations (MTO) strategic operations (Fifteenth Air Force 829 bombers (largest number of bombers completing attacks in a single day up to this time) bomb targets in Austria and Yugoslavia; B-17s and B-24s attack an aircraft factory at Wollesdorf, Austria; B-24s also attack.425th Night Fighter Squadron, Ninth Air Force, arrives at Chormy Down, England from the US with P-61s; first mission is in Jul.Pacific ocean area (POA, Seventh Air Force 53 B-24s from Kwajalein Atoll and 43 B-25s from Makin Island join USN aircraft in pounding Jaluit Atoll.Tactical operations (Twelfth Air Force In Italy, medium bombers attack railroad bridges and a tunnel in C Italy; light bombers blast guns in Roccasecca while fighter-bombers and fighters just behind enemy lines seek out motor transport targets, crater roads and hit bridges, harassing the already.
In Italy, medium bombers are inactive or abortive except for a raid on Cave; fighter-bombers maintain close support of the ground advance, hitting at motor transport, roads, and bridges in the battle areas and nearby points in C Italy, including Terracina, Ceccano, Sezze, Bastia, points.

P-38s participate in 2 sweep over The Netherlands for familiarization purposes without loss; 1 sweep consists of 30 aircraft, the second consists of 28 aircraft.
These operations are notable for the absence of enemy fighter opposition.
530th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 311th Fighter-Bomber Group, based at Dinjan, India with P-51s sends a detachment to operated from Kurmitola, India.